Saturday, 9 February 2013

sahajoli mudra

vajroli and sahajoli should not be practised directly. First you must master kumbhaka, uddiyana bandha and siddhasana. A few asanas like vajrasana, supta vajrasana, shalabhasana and paschimottanasana should also be practised, because they place an automatic contraction on the genital region. When you practise paschimottanasana and hold it for several minutes, you prepare the body for uddiyana bandha. In siddhasana you press the perineum with the heel so that a slight contraction of mooladhara and vajra nadi takes place automatically. Sirshasana is most important because it circulates the blood in the brain.
contraction and release of the urinary passage in the female body to stimulate Swadhisthana chakra and promote brahmacharya. A favourite of mine! When coaching students whether it is Yoga or Personal Training pelvic floor health is always discussed. Both males and females get the Red Light District chat. Your pelvic floor health is paramount for vitality of sexual and sensual energy, creative power and visceral it keeps the organs in place and not caving to gravity. How is this spiritual I hear you ask? Your base chakra and sacral chakra make up the first two main chakras of the body. They are foundational in supporting the body and the upper chakras. So pelvic floor health does not only benefit the physical body but also the energetic body. The female version of this tantric technique is called Sahajoli Mudra and it involves the same muscle contraction as the male version (the urethra muscle).  In the male the testes will move slightly, while in the female the labia will move slightly when applying this mudra. Sahajoli is the parallel practice for females. Sahajoli is performed in siddha yoni asana. While retaining the breath, the vaginal muscles and urethra are contracted and drawn up. The contraction is the same as when you are trying to hold back from urinating. At this time the uterus, bladder and kidneys are also contracted.

Steps To Follow for Pratcise:-
 Learn that inside all of us we have a spiritual energy which loves us very much and is like our own mother.
 Take off your shoes and sit comfortably in a chair, with your feet flat on the ground, not touching each other.

 Put your left hand on your lap or leg with your palm facing up.

 Put your right hand on the left side of your heart, covering the pectoral.

 Take your right hand and place it one hand-width down, level with your solar-plexus but still on the left side of your chest.
 Take your right hand and place it one hand-width down, just above your hip.

 Move your right hand back up one hand-width, and say inside, full of belief, "Mother, I AM my own       Master!"
 Move your right hand back up one hand-width so it is level with your heart again, and say inside full of belief, "Mother I AM the Spirit!"

 Turn your head all the way to the right and place your right hand on the left side of your neck/shoulder and say inside, "Mother, I am guiltless."

 Put your right hand on your forehead, fingers together, and squeeze your temples (even if your fingers don't reach try to squeeze) Say sincerely from your heart, "Mother, I forgive everyone."

 We also ask forgiveness from the divine power.

 Now when you are ready take your right hand and put the center of your palm on very top of your head.

 Take down your hand and let it rest on your lap with the palm facing up.  

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